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3” Juvenile

Bahia Scarlet Bird Eater (lasiodora Klugi)

I originally brought this Tarantula for my photography, it is one of the largest and heaviest listed to be 27cm and a weight of 113g in the Guinness World Records and one of a few species which can rival the Goliath. From a young sling, it was very bold taking food from my fingers very aggressively I am now using long tweezers and it just eats and eats, no worry about too many insects wandering around. These spiders need plenty of space, so I moved it into a larger container sooner than other Tarantulas I have of this size and a female can lay up to an incredible 1000 eggs.

On the 12-10-11 I was placing this very large male into a container to be posted as I had sold it when it kicked its urticating hairs at me from its abdomen creating a bold spot just as I was closing the container. I was disappointed as up till then the spider had all its hairs and was a perfect specimen. Anyway, a short time later I had the worst rash I have ever had from a spider, on my hand's arms which were very bad. Also my neck, tummy and other places after going to the loo. I had to soak in the bath for a while because the irritable hairs were driving me crazy.  I warned its next owner to be careful when opening the parcel. I wondered why it had all its hair it was saving it for me, a Brilliant defense though.

Family: Theraphosidae.
Temperature: 25-28 degrees.  Humidity: 60-80%
Growth Rate: Slow - Sexually mature around 5 years. Males usually grow faster.  Life span: Females 20 Years, Males 3 to 6 Years.  Habitat Terrestrial:
Temperament: Slightly aggressive and curious, (Experienced keepers only)  Origin: Bahia - Amazon "delta" in Brazil.

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Adult Male

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