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Angle Shades Moth by Andy
Angle Shades Moth2 350w

Angle Shades Moth (Phlogophora Meticulosa).

Angle Shades Larvae350w

Angle Shades moth caterpillars found inside a Chrysanthemums flower head.

My father-in-law once handed me a handful of full-grown Angle Shades moth caterpillars asking me if I could identify them. It was a good excuse for me to save them as he found them in the center of his prize Chrysanthemums. He was only able to find them by searching at night with a torch when they were feeding. He was not happy as he grows these huge flowers for shows and the caterpillars did a lot of damage. As the caterpillars feed on a wide range of wild and cultivated plants I suspected that the caterpillars were from other plants in the garden as my father-in-law protects the leaves and there is netting all around the sides and a roof built over the flowers. The resulting moth folds its wings in an unusual way, its wings are creased instead of flat looking like a crinkled autumn leaf to help camouflage when resting on falling leaves or on a tree bark. They fly between May and October and have up to two generations a year, it is also a common migrant.

Andy Newman© 20/11/11.

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