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Dalyan River Andy
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Photographers were taking pictures of all the tourists on the river boat cruse and they also took pictures of us covered in mud at the mud baths. I was very impressed what they did next; they matched the pictures on the boat with pictures of us covered in mud at the mud baths, which could not have been easy. Well by the time you return to the boat they have printed the pictures and sent them by boat ready for us. Presented in a posh colourful album with a disc, which has a movie of the turtles and some lovely landscape pictures in slide show. We were told some of the profits from these albums go toward helping turtles, so I brought one, the resulting pictures above.  My wife did not want her picture taken covered in mud so it was just me. 

Our Turkish Thompson rep Rosie told us on this trip to tell our family and friends how nice Turkey is well I think my pictures do that. We both enjoyed turkey and would return in the future.

Canon G12

For those interested in photography my wife asked me not to take all my usual camera gear to Turkey in the end I reluctantly agreed telling her it would not happen again, well I borrowed my sons Canon G12 which I recommended for him anyway. It already has a reputation for being a serious back up camera for photographers. I only learnt how to use it a day before my holiday with no instructions downloaded, but soon got to grips with this camera. I really liked the optical viewfinder and would not have used a compact with an electronic viewfinder, although I would have liked some exposure information inside unless I am missing a switch. Fast start up time as the camera was ready to fire when I composed the picture. It was so reliable I never bothered to check my pictures rarely using the LCD screen. So all one thousand two hundred holiday snap shots taken in Turkey were from  a Canon G12 and I would like to buy a Canon G1x in the future.