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Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 Camera.


Insta360oneX Camera. - iPhone 8 plus.

I really have enjoyed using the" insta360 One X" and the "Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE" 360 cameras.
Quality of the still images is very good but the Xiaomi sometimes suffers from chromatic aberration (Purple Fringing) on high contrast scenes which is less on the Insta because of its excellent HDR. If you retouch in a phone app or photoshop then the 360 image should be checked in a 360 viewer to check for errors especially the stitch lines

I have edited some of the pictures into tiny planets which I have started posting on Instagram.  What I really like is how creative you can be with a 360 camera.  I even placed my Xiaomi under a mushroom and I also filmed under the roots of a riverbank with my Insta something which would be impossible with my SLR. +I would recommend the “insta360 One X” lens cap as it has saved my lens from being damaged when falling out of my camera bag with a selfie stick attached. 

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