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Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 Camera.


Insta360oneX Camera. - iPhone 8 plus.

I really have enjoyed using my Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 camera it is easy to use and has very good with image stabilization. The developers were regularly updating the software. The Xiaomi has now been updated to a 4K Video and 23-megapixel stills. What I really like is how creative you can be with a 360 camera. The camera is so small I even placed it under a mushroom and then cropped the picture as a panorama something which would be impossible with my SLR. I purchased a Xiaomi selfie stick which becomes invisible when held. The first thing I did though was to add a 1/4” thread at the bottom of the selfie stick so I can use a camera stake or tripod on the bottom. For carrying the camera and selfie stick I use a bum-bag, these bags usually have a compartment at the front for your phone as well. There are plenty of manual controls once you have downloaded the app to your phone although you can use the camera on its own if you want. I just wish it had HDR like the Rico Theatre V. Like so many 360 cameras some of my pictures have suffered from chromatic aberration (Purple Fringing) on high contrast scenes. If you retouch in a app or photoshop then the 360 image should be checked in a 360 viewer before sending on-line or to a image library to check for errors especially the stitch lines. I love holding the Xiaomi camera it has a lovely quality feel to it except the flimsy rubber door it’s very annoying getting in the way when trying to replace the micro card I wish the door was hinged. I am having a lot of fun using this camera and enjoy previewing or editing some of the pictures into tiny planets which I have started posting on Instagram. I highly recommend the Xiaomi Mijia it’s a lovely camera to own.

Insta360oneX Camera.

Well my next 360 camera is the insta360 ONE X. I love the HDR for both stills and videos and its very clever editing software. I would recommend the insta lens cap as it has saved my lens from being damaged when falling out of my camera bag with a selfie stick attached.